Candy Cane

19. Candy Canes

A candy cane and two candy cane striped ornaments.

Swedish Fish candy canes are so good! They don’t exactly taste like Swedish Fish but at the same time they do.

Christmas Stockings

18. Stockings

Harry and my stockings were hand sewn by a dear friend. She sent them to us the year we had the fire (four years ago). Someday I hope to knit us stockings. First I just need to learn how to knit normal size socks (happening next year). Last year I got Cole a new (larger) stocking. My thought is, if when we get another cat, it will be big enough for all the fuzzballs to share.

Holiday Cards

16. Holiday Cards¹

Cards are starting to trickle in. As of this posting we got three more, two being international, which is always exciting, for me anyway.

¹ The theme was originally favourite holiday song (that I had flipped with outdoor lights). I had no idea how to go about photographing any of my top three songs, “The Holly and The Ivy”, “Carol of the Bells”, and “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” so I just did something completely different.

Outdoor Christmas Lights

15. Outside Christmas Lights¹

When I saw that one of the prompts was outdoor lights I knew exactly where to go. This was my first time actually getting to see the light display in action. They did not disappoint. The lights move to music. Quite the feast for the eyes!

¹ I have flipped the prompt for the 15th and 16th due to weather.



13. Friends¹

Friends are the family you choose, especially friends that you game with. Last night we played a holiday themed game of Fiasco with part of our gaming group. Mr. Geek and I made it extra special by making a holiday meal before gaming.


¹ The original theme was family but I decided to change it to friends.