FO: Ravellenic Games

I finished my zarf a few days ago.

I really like knitting in the round. Next to try it using circs, ’cause really, all the needle tips getting in the way was a little annoying. It is by no means perfect but I’m okay with it. It was good practice to see how knitting in the round feels. I do plan on participating for the next Olympics

Let the games begin!

The Ravellenic Games started today. This is my first time participating. In the spirit of the games I am trying something new and going up a level!

I am trying knitting in the round for the first time! Yes, that’s right. After seven years of knitting, I’ve finally decided to go for it. I picked something small that I thought I’d be able to finish by the end of the Olympics, a coffee cup sleeve. I’m using some stashed Vanna’s Choice in grey as this is also part of my stash down of 2014. Time to get rid of the random bits of acrylic and kitchen cotton! I’ve made a few tawashi and dishcloths so far with the kitchen cotton. The acrylic stuff is harder to decided what to do with, but I have a few ideas.

A little recap

2013 was a year of firsts for me. It all started on New Years Day when I tried Brussels sprouts. Turns out of l love them! Other firsts include but not limited to (mostly knitting related): making an i-cord (so damn easy, why was I so afraid?), tried crocheting (did not go so well because of my hand problems), holding a fairly newborn (becoming an aunt count? I think so), using a round loom (love), trying shampoo bars (and loving them), trying a pumpkin spice latte (love).

Holding my niece for the first time was pretty nerve-racking. I never held a newborn.

I was pretty prolific in my knitting, twenty-one items. One of my favourites was owl bookmarks. I made one for Mr. Geek and one for me (brown for him, grey for me).

I also had fun making Cole a bow-tie.

I finally finished the alpaca scarf. I decided to make it an infinity scarf. Before washing it I was having trouble wearing it, afterwards, it’s fine. This makes me very happy. Yay an animal fiber I am not allergic to!

I’m starting to formulate plans for my knitting in 2014. It’s time I finally try knitting in the round and making Mr. Geek the scarf I said I’d start this year. I see a trip to a yarn shop in our future soon to pick out yarn.

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday, what ever one you might celebrate. Have a wonderful new year!


2013 really is a year of firsts for me. I’ve gone up a level in knitting again! Tonight I did the Russian Join. I found this video on Pinterest. Very clear and does not go too fast in showing how to do it.

The alpaca scarf is coming along. I just finished the first ball last night. Hence, the join.

I still need a name for it. Specs here.

Friend’s baby shower was this weekend. I had made some baby slippers. Two pair because they are having twins!

My niece wearing the  bonnet.

How stinking cute is she? Seriously.

In other news, I made and actually ate a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving! I love the flavours of pumpkin pie (see obsession with Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte) but never liked the texture. A Ravelry friend suggested I try a vegan pumpkin pie. I loved it! Harry and my in-laws liked it too. I’m wishing I had a slice now actually.

Mr. and Mrs. Geek on Thanksgiving Day.

Now we’re getting ready for the winter holidays.


Halloween Costumes

I can’t believe it’s November and that means it’s almost the end of the year. October just flew by!

This year I had two Halloween costumes.

Roddy the Robot, Harry and I before going to a Halloween party.

One Hank buck for his own slippers. That’s a quite a deal.

Sorry for the radio silence lately.  I hope to post more than once this month.

Like Rabbits


Harry’s story Like Rabbits is available for the Kindle!

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Hello there folks!

This past week had been a miserable series of five days. Bent on salvaging something good from the wreckage of the week, I decided to test the waters of self-publishing. As such, I’m happy to announce that my novelette Like Rabbits is available for the Kindle here.

It is about Fern, a young woman who is looking for a new direction in life, and she starts by donning a rabbit mask. The story examines quite a few notions that have filled my head for the past few months (and maybe years): the child-free lifestyle, Existentialism, board games, losing someone you love, and the inescapable nature of the past.

If you decide to pick it up, I hope that you enjoy it greatly.

In other news, Samantha and the Wind is probably going to be the next title that I’ll be putting up, though I may be…

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