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It would be a hideous omission if I did not tell you all that I love the works of Arlo Guthrie. I like his cadence, his word selection, his accent, and just about every little thing that makes his presentation so very folksy, heart-warming, and funny-bone tickling. Not only do I like how he tells a story, but also the stories he tells. Often they are funny, sometimes they have a point, and sometimes they do not. This story has a point. I figured I’d tell you, just in case you were starting to worry. It may be a while before I get to it, but I guarantee that it is there.


Ready to pounce.

So, it has to be over fifteen years ago that, in a basement room, while in the middle of practicing a scene from The Father for an acting class, that my friend M

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Fruits of our Labor

The garden is coming along very nicely. Every two days or so there are a handful of pickling cucumbers to pick. Still waiting on the peppers. Soon, very soon. The green beans we planted got moved around to give them space. It looks like something has eaten some of the leaves on the flowers from my cousins wedding invite (piece of paper with wildflowers in it). They are getting taller but at the moment I don’t have high hopes for them. We shall see.

Picking the cucumbers is quite a toll on my back. If we are to do this next year we need to either do only one cucumber plant or none.

Yield from our first harvest.

Mr. Geek and his cukes.

Two days later, I picked this!

Holy Cucumbers Batman!

The largest cucumber plant has been named Big Daddy by Mr. Geek. Here’s how it looked this past weekend.

An Adventure in Gardening

Awhile back I had mentioned how I’d discovered a community garden. That was three years ago? Wow. I didn’t realize it’s been that long. Anywoo. This year we have a plot! Actually, one and half plots. We’re sharing a plot with a friend (not knowing how much we’d like it). The day of the big plant we had been asked if we would like another plot. Otherwise it would just sit there going unused. Sure, we said, why not? So we are Mr. and Ms. One-and-Half-Plots Geek (maybe if we had a shed that joke would go over better?).

So far things are going very well. We have pickling cucumbers, some type of squash (we got for free and it’s either summer squash or zucchini), some flowers from a wedding invite (card with wildflowers in it!), green beans and peppers. Lots of peppers (also got for free). I had stopped at a local garden center a few weeks ago and got a basil plant for free. People just like giving me plants. I am not to complain.

Our full plot has gone from this at the end of May.

To this in mid June.

To a few days ago.

Isn’t that just crazy and amazing?

The half plot is looking pretty good, too. I just don’t have any recent photos of it. I was so distracted by how big that cucumber plant got I forgot to get a photo of the half plot. Next time I go to water I’ll try to remember.

One of the hot pepper plants we got has a pepper on it. Since staking it, it’s looking much better.

I created life!  We planted green bean seeds just a few weeks ago.

So far we are enjoying it. Even if it’s just watering and weeding at this point. Nothing quite like getting hands into the ground, even if you’re wearing gloves. Hopefully we’ll start to see some fruits of our labor within the month.

Info on the garden can be found here.
I will do my best to keep you all updated on our gardening adventure.

San Francisco Part 1

We recently went on a trip to San Francisco. We were there only four days, but really we could have stayed so much longer. I have several Ravelry friends out there and we were lucky enough to meet up with most of them. One even offered to be our tour guide and drive us around places! Who says internet friends are not real friends? We had an amazing time. The weather was  perfect.  We spent one whole day with one Mr. Geek’s best friends. We toured Chinatown with her and then we headed to one of my ‘Weds friends for a night of RPGing. This is what geeks do when they go on vacation. :) We really could not have asked for a nicer holiday. We would definitely go back.

A fun sign I spotted at the Japan Town mall.

SF Post 1

The fire hydrants are white! Not only are they white, which really blows my mind, they have flat tops.

fire hydrant

The streetcars are so cool looking.


More to come soon!

Bird Watching

We get a lot of birds around us. I am trying to learn what the different smaller birds are. I can recognize blue jays, robins, crows, chickadees and cardinals. A lot of times I will just call small grey birds finches. Some day I would like to get a bird feeder and a book to help myself learn what the different birds are. For now, I will rely on friends.

A few days ago I was able to get a couple of quick shots through a window of something I did not recall seeing around here. Turns out it is a starling. Well, I’m pretty sure they are starlings. If anyone knows otherwise, please let me know.

birds conversing

bird chirping

We had a good view of something hanging out in the tree next to the building since the leaves are not full yet. Better camera means better photos, even through the bathroom window.

bird 1 wm

bird 2 wm

I am thinking it is a chickadee. Again, if anyone knows otherwise, please let me know.

Cole even got in the bird watching this time.

cole watching birds wm