Letting Go

It is almost five years since the apartment building fire. Due to the time of day and our schedules it happened we were home. When I left I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt, jeans, socks, slippers and I managed to grab my coat. Beat up old slippers that had a crack in the sole do not make good footwear in snowy December weather. That night my sister-in-law had taken us out to get some stuff. One of the first things I got that night were a pair of sneakers. I had settled on the ones I got because they were New Balance (a brand I like and are comfortable for me) and my size. At first I hated them. Over the years I grew to like them. I’ve needed to get rid of them for almost a year. The treads are worn thin (I slip sometimes because they are slippery), I taped the back so my heel doesn’t rub and get a blister and there’s at least one small hole starting near a toe on one of them. Yet, I can not bring myself to throw them out. I’ve bought other clothing items since then and gotten rid of them with no problem. These sneakers though, I keep hanging on to them. I need to let them go.

My Crazy Socks

Guys! I made socks (link to my Ravelry project page)! Not just one, but a pair. No, second sock syndrome here! I have worked on and off on these since February. Yesterday I grafted the toes on sock number two. Today since it was sunny I took some photos. I followed Silver’s Sock Class tutorial.

Things I learned: I like knitting in the round, long-tail cast on is not for everything (I discovered that when I went to put on one of the socks), I don’t care for toe grafting, turning a heel is totally nerve-racking and fun, results may differ when starting on different spot in multicoloured yarn (IE pooling may occur). This was definitely a leveling up project for me.

I enjoyed the process overall but now I am very happy to be done. Mr. Geek may have requested his own pair of crazy socks. I am not a monogamous knitter so it is possible it may happen at some point.  I would like to try toe up and maybe two at a time someday. However, because of my wool allergy and hand issues I am a bit limited in what yarn and fiber I can use. We shall see.

Leveling Up

I recently decided I wanted to knit a cowl. I have claustrophobia. Wearing things around my neck, especially of a certain circumference is anxiety inducing. I had picked out a pattern and was practicing a new to me cast on, tubular. PS, its magic! Level up for Sarah! Then when I went back to look at the pattern I realized it was not the pattern I had originally wanted to do (something about a tube was all I remembered). Ah, ha! I found the pattern I did want, Infinity Cowl. Something easy and a bit mindless that I can work on at knit night or watching tv. Oh, hey. This has a provisional cast on. Another cast on I’ve never done, and one I’ve been a bit afraid of trying. It sounds hard! After watching several tutorials I thought I got the hang of the crochet cast on. I already know how to chain, sort of. It’s just my hand issues that stop me from actually being able to crochet. I go to do it. Not as easy at they make it look. I get frustrated. There’s much swearing. I try bamboo hook instead of metal. More frustration and more swearing. I try a different yarn. Ask Mr. Geek for help. He casts on the number of stitches the pattern calls for no problem. Well, now spurned by my stubbornness I grab a different yarn, the metal crochet hook with a plastic handle and the knitting needle. By gum! I’m going to do this! Intellectually I know what I need to do, which is why I was getting so frustrated by the yarn twisting around the knitting needle, my hands not cooperating, you name it. Success! To use a RPG reference, it’s like I saved up all my XP to put more in my crafts skills. Leveling up, succeeded!