Knitting Round Up

“Sarah, you have not posted about what you’ve knit lately. What are you working on?” Ah, that is true, I have not posted about knitting in a while.

Socks! I am only on the first one and am loving it. “But wait, you’re allergic to wool. What kind of yarn are you using?” A Ravelry friend had sent me some Cascade Fixation, which is cotton and elastic, last year or so. It’s so sprongy!  I am following Silver’s Sock Class tutorial. It is well written and has lots of pictures. On the two parts where I’ve gotten stuck a friend showed me in person and then it made more sense. I am ready to start the second part of the gusset.

After years of being in squaresville I am loving knitting in the round. Back in the autumn I had made my first fingerless gloves.

The pattern was fun and easy but the yarn…what a pain in the ass. The ends are all fraying and coming apart. I loved using size 13 needles! Felt great in decrypted hands.

I made a ton of chair booties for the kitchen chairs. Lots of good practice for in the round. Good stash down project, too.

I made Cole a toy as a Christmas gift but he found it weeks before so he got an early Christmas.

In trying to use up stash I made another coaster.

Still plugging away on Harry’s scarf. It is about nineteen inches long.

Looking back I have been busy.

Links about projects are to my stuff  on Ravelry.



For the Love of Anime

Things I’ve Learned from Watching Anime Plus Things I Love

  • It is not all tentacles and hentai.
  • It is not all mecha and monsters.
  • How to say “Hello” when answering the phone, “everyone” and several other words that I can not think of at this very moment.
  • I used to want to live in the world of Love Hina, but now I’d rather live in the world of Shirokuma Cafe. A cafe run by a benign polar bear and a panda hangs out at? Sign me up!
  • Some of the best songs are the theme songs to anime tv shows.
  • There is a movie out there so sad, that when I watched it I had the longest, hardest cry of my life. It was the best movie I’ve ever seen and will never watch it again because it is THAT SAD. Talking about Grave of the Fireflies, of course.
  • I do not like pantsu.
  • I prefer slice of life, harem, love stories. If there are animals, talking or otherwise, even better.
  • The first anime movie I ever saw was Kiki’s Delivery Service.
  • I wish I could have a pet cabbit.
  • Everyone just needs to do their best.
  • I can not go Super Saiyan as much as I try to power up for over 30 minutes.
  • I learnd how to fold a plastic bag. Thanks, to Mr. Handa from Polar Bear’s Cafe. It is now of my favourite things. Yes, I’m a dork.
  • I love just about everything from Studio Ghibli.
  • I hope to be able to go Ghibli Museum someday.
  • I’m really unsure of open air baths. I think it sounds looks cool, it’s the getting naked in front of other people, which has me really nervous (plus I have tattoos, which I know used to be frowned upon).
  • I love Totoro.
SF 122

Me hugging Totoro in San Francisco