Robyn’s dress

Robyn got her Best Woman dress!  Woohoo!  It’s what I have been picturing in my head all along.  It’s an Ann Taylor. 

That is the colour too.  Now to find shoes.

Damien and I are still looking for a tie for him.  Harry’s going to order a tartan tie for his dad to wear.  Harry Sr. will not wear a kilt.  My dad would have worn one, but my brother is planning on wearing a kilt.  He’ll be renting his, so it won’t be our tartan (MacDonald).  I’m thinking Black Watch will be best for the time of year and the colours we’re having.


Harry will be wearing my dad’s (or was it my granddad’s?) kilt pin (the one in the photo is not it).


2 thoughts on “Robyn’s dress

  1. Harry says:

    Has your brother made an official decision? I know that when we were at his b-day thing that he was still on the fence. On the fence is NOT a place you want to be when wearing a kilt. It is a very decisive garment.

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