Saturday – Hen Party

Saturday afternoon we met with the travel agent and went over our honeymoon stuff!  I’ve been so focused on the wedding the honeymoon has kinda been on my mind but not as much.  After talking to Cindy I’m so excited about it now!  I was smiling like a goober during the whole thing and when we went to eat lunch next door at the Italian restaurant.  In three weeks we will be walking on the streets of London and Paris!  OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!  :D 

That night we both had our Bachelor/ette parties.  His sister Lisa came and picked me up to go to Damien’s and Harry was still here.  Dickie came to get Harry sometime after I left.  Missie was the first one to show up at Damien’s!  That’s a first.  I told Damien that I had the right to refuse anything I thought was stupid.  No problems with that.  He gave me a sash to wear, which kept slipping off my shoulder and annoying me, so eventually it came off.  We had pizza and salad, played a game of Cranium, had a game of Pin 1st Place on the Scotsman, and just hung out and talked.  Lots of laughing.  Lots of dirty comments about the penis straws.  There was discussion as to how I should cut the penis cake.  Should I give it a vasectomy; Lorena Bobbit it;  or right down the middle?  :) 

When I got to Damien’s I asked “Okay who is jumping out the cake?” referring to Harry’s party.  I knew Jasmyne was asked to make a giant cardboard cake.  I never shared that info with Harry.  See, I can keep a secret!  Missie and Nicki tell me that it’s Robyn.  I totally did not believe them.  I kept thinking how that was not funny.  Then I thought why would they lie about that?  Sure enough, the guys flew Robyn out from Houston to be with Harry!  I wish I could have been there to see his face.  I’ll have to settle for photos.  So, here are some photos from my party.  I ended up taking most of them. 


Having fun with the little figures from Cranium WOW.

Ellie, Nicki, Jasmyne

My cousin Ellie, Nicki and Jasmyne

jasmyne, connie, lisa, missie

Jasmyne, Connie, FSIL Lisa, Missie

damien and ellie

Damien and Ellie

me and damien

I got some gifts that involved some adult stuff, nothing too bad.  I recognized a lot of it from when I worked in the Athena’s Home Novelities warehouse.  The thing I was excited about most was the nose hair trimmer. 




There was talk about how Missie should have the Scotsman look.  They thought about making him look like Harry, but then thought how weird that would be for Lisa and uncomfortable for everyone else.  I like how he looks like the cover of romance novel and is oh so nonchalant in his stance.


My reaction to the Scotsman. 


With all the “1st places”.


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