some older photos

I scanned a few older photos today and figured I’d share with y’all.

me and chris

This is me and my brother about 1984. 

me and kris

This is me and my best friend from highschool, Kristin.  Her birthday is two days after mine.  She lived up here when we were in the ninth grade.  She moved back to Florida and then to N.C.  She still lives in N.C.  We haven’t seen each other since 1995.  This was taken in a photobooth in 1994.

me and kris

Another one of me and Kris.  I went down to visit her in North Carolina in 1995.  This is at South Of The Border on our way to Myrtle Beach. 


Harry December 1999.  We were going out about two months when I took this.  I don’t know if you can see how short his hair is here.  He is also not wearing his glasses.


Here you can see how short his hair is.  He looks so different without his glasses.  He also can’t see anything without them.

D-rock and Harry

Harry hugging Derrick Feb. 2001.  This was after a Heroquest/D&D game, or maybe Vampire.  Harry moved down to the basement sometime between 99-01.  Harry’s hair is a bit longer here.  Derrick looks so young!


Anyone remember the Cloverleaf Motel in Lincoln, RI?  I loved this sign.  When I was scanning the photo I looked on the back to see if I wrote a date.  I was quite amused when I read it.  June 8, 1999!  How about that?!  :)


2 thoughts on “some older photos

  1. Missie says:

    oh my gosh, Harry’s old upstairs bedroom, look at that!
    I remember, the first thing I saw, the first time I walked into it,
    was that he had, tacked to his slanty roof, the same tin Houdini advertisement that I had hanging up in my own room :)

    Isn’t that photo of you and Chris that one you told me about, where you guys were arguing with the photographer about having to touch hands? lol, siblings…

    and wow, do I ever remember the Cloverleaf! Mom, Robin, Jasmyne and myself considered it a landmark and constantly made Psycho-based jokes about it.
    I was so excited when I spotted this photo–I loved the sign, too, and I have no pictures of the place at all. Memories! Thanks, S!

  2. Sarah says:

    The Houdini poster is now in our computer room. Yes, that’s the one where Chri didn’t want me touching his hand. Yes, I agree that the Cloverfield was kinda Psycho like. I don’t have photos of the motel, just the sign and some of the garage that was next to it.

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