sick and tired of being sick

Sorry I haven’t been posting much, except photos.  My hand had been really bothering me and now I have “not strep” again.  Not much going on.  Trying to start new sewing projects, but being sick can’t do as much as I’ve wanted to.  I need to get a part-time job, but with one car and limited abilities I’m not sure what I can do.  I’m hoping to get enough sewing projects done to possibly sell on Etsy.  I’ve been reading a lot more.  Read a few volumes of Fruits Baskets, Fool Moon (Book 2 of The Dresden Files), and now Jeeves & The Tie That Binds.   I haven’t decided what I’ll be reading next. 

One of my mom’s friends has two knitting machines.  I got to go over and check them out.  It is not the same as handknitting, but it fills the creative urge.  It would be a more instint gratification than handknitting for some things.  I could possibly make a good sized blanket in one night! 

Well, I should get back to watching the original Moulin Rouge movie.  It’s pretty good.  If any of you get a chance to see the original Stepford Wives, I highly recommend it.  I liked it more than the remake.  The pacing is slower, but it’s much creepier.


2 thoughts on “sick and tired of being sick

  1. Missie says:

    :( feel better, miss S

    Oh! And personally, that’s my rule of thumb!
    The original is always slower paced but much creepier :)
    Currently, Hollywood doesn’t seem to know how to remake a spooky movie without either turning it into a comedy and/or pouring on heavy, clotty doses of hackneyed sadism.

    The remakes, even when they’re good,
    tend to lack subtlety.

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