They come from a land of ice and snow

Day 16, 1/17/09

Giant icicle, about 2 feet long.  I did knock it down after I took the photo.  I didn’t want it falling down on somebody.

Woonsocket, RI

Day 17, 1/18/09

Prospect Street, Woonsocket, RI

My photo for October 16th…

I think I’ll have to take a photo for Spring and Summer, too.

Speaking of revisiting the same location.  I have decided to once a month take a photo from one particular location.  I think it will be interesting to see the change in seasons at one spot.  Since this month is not quite over, I still have time to decide on my location.  I’m thinking of using the Blackstone Gorge or Lincoln Woods.  The thing with Lincoln Woods is part of is blocked off from cars in the winter.  The area I’d want to use would be a bit of a walk during those months, too.  In a way the Blackstone Gorge is a lot more accessible.  Harry helped me with this idea.  I’m also going to try to capture a 26 each month.  There’s a 26 of every month, and it’s my (and Harry’s) birth date.  I got that idea from Patti.


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