I think Spring is actually here.  After last week being so cold, we even has snow flurries on saturday, this is a welcome change.  While doing errands today I was driving with my window down and I even didn’t need a jacket!  I’m almost done washing the kitchen walls.  Yes, I do that.  The kitchen and the bathroom are the only rooms that I bother with.  I figure with all the cooking they get the worst of it (bathroom is next to the kitchen).  I’m almost done switching between winter and summer clothes.  This time of the year is hard, ’cause we have some cold days where I need long sleeves  and a sweater and then the next I’m wearing capris and t-shirt.  I’m sure I’m boring you with this.

My birthday is in two weeks.  I’m going to be “old”.  ;)  I never thought I’d be 30, let alone past it.  I’m going to be of a certain age, where if we were going to be having kids, this would the start of the cut off time.  Which then makes people ask “When are you going to have kids?”.  Why do you need to know?  What’s it to you?   Why do people think that it’s any of their damn buisness?!  It really pisses me off.  You have no idea.  “Oh you better hurry up if you’re going to have babies.”    Um, sense when do “you” have the right to tell me what I can and cannot do and when?  Uggggggggggggggh!  IF  (and that’s a big if) we decide we want children and we can’t for whatever reason, we have an option it’s called adoption.  We’re going to Houston in about two weeks.  We’ll be staying with Robyn, Daniel and Gina.  This will be longest uninterupted period of time that I will be around a small child.  It will certainly be testing my patience.  I never really babysat.  When I did (I think it was twice) it was with kids that went to school so the parents just needed someone with the kids until they got home and to make sure they did their homework.  I changed a diaper once in my life and it was one of the most disgusting experiences of my life, besides eating a lobster.   This will be interesting. 

I’m looking foward to going to Houston and seeing the sites for real this time.  Robyn got sick (Crohn’s related) the first time we went (for a weekend), so this time is going to much better just by default.  We’ll be there for a whole week.  We have lots of activities planned.  I’m really looking foward to seeing the funeral museum and the art car museum and of course hangin’ with Robyn and crew.  Gulf Coast representin’!!

Last weekend we had the 8th Doctor Thompson’s Cabinet of Horrors.  Good times.  For those who don’t know, Cabinet of Horrors is our version of Mystery Science Theater 3000, or MST3K.  We learned that if you’re going to time travel and a woman, you have to take off your pants.   It’s about as bad as Knight Riders.  We also watched Evil Brain from Outer Space, Hell Comes to Frogtown, Silent Night Deadly Night (which I actually liked), Flight of the Living Dead (my favourite from the day.  I do love zombie movies.), and Project Vampire.  If I’m forgetting one, I’m sure Harry will let me know.  With it being a holiday weekend I made some cupcakes. I love cupcakes.  I did a Semi-Homemade thing.  It was actually something I always wanted to do and was really excited to make.

This was a lemon cake mix, with store bought whipped vanilla frosting, coconut and jellybeans. (I’m not sure why the purple jellybeans photograph as blue.)  Aren’t they so cute?!  I don’t remember how many drops of green food colouring was used for either the coconut or the frosting.  They were super yummy.

I hope to have more items for my shop soon.  I’ll post new stuff when I have something.

Enjoy your weekend! 

* This is what the psycho Santa killer man in Silent Night Deadly Night says when he’s killing people.  It’s pretty awesomely 80’s and bad, you should check it out!  There are some really funny death scenes.


2 thoughts on “Punish!*

  1. AnnaEA says:

    I will comment that it’s *completely* different when it’s your own little bundle of yucky, then when it belongs to someone else. I was shocked by how little grossed out I was by my baby.

    That said, damn straight. It’s no one elses business how/when/why/with whom, or even if at all, and I can completely sympathize with how aggravating it is to be bugged about it.

    • Sarah says:

      I’ve heard it’s different when it’s your own child. I guess it’s like how I’m not grossed out by furballs and cat (and dog) vomit. It’s something I’ve experienced and delt with my whole life. Half eaten mice, birds and snakes, never really did get over.

      Gina was so amazingly well behaved at the wedding (not once did I hear her during the ceremony! and it was freakin’ hot!) , so I’m sure she’ll be good. It’s just the fact that I’m a bit nervous being around a child for that long of time.

      I just don’t understand why other people feel it’s their buisness. There are sooooo many people in the world, I don’t think it’s really an issue needing to populate…not like it was even 100 years ago. My maturnal great-grandmother was one of 12!

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