Happy Earth Day!!

I love the image Google has for today.  I tried to do a screen capture, but I couldn’t get it too work.  I just hope that “being green” is not a fad (like Clear Pepsi or New Coke or the grapefruit diet).  I’ve been trying to get people to recycle since I was about 12 years old.  I’m just a hippie at heart.  I guess that’s what happens when two “Granola’s”  (My parent’s weren’t hippies because they had jobs) have children.  :)  We had a compost, my dad had a vegtable garden, my mom made a her own tofu (yes, she had her own press), we were vegetarians for quite awhile when I was young, my parents belonged to a food co-op, we used cloth napkins (I still have two of them somewhere) just to name a few things.

Hope you have a nice day!  (If Derrick is reading this, Happy Birthday!!)


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