Birthday weekend

Oh my God what a beautiful day today is going to be!  We’re expected to have the temps in the high 70’s/low 80’s this weekend!  As a kid I always wanted it to be 78 degrees for my birthday, so this is perfect for me.  :)  I want to go ride my bike!  Harry bought me a bicycle pump yesterday as an early birthday present (Wooooo Sarahpalozza has started!).  I want to go pump my tires now.

We have Derrick’s b-day party today (his b-day is the 22nd)…the 2nd Annual Hotdog Fest.  That will be fun.

Tomorrow I’ll be going to lunch at one of my favourite restaurant’s, Vohn’s with Harry and my mom (and maybe brother and gf).  Nem Noung here I come!  I’d like to go to Providence and get a bubble tea (I’ve heard great things about it).  Maybe go to Kabob n’ Curry for supper.


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