I love Spring

…and not just because of my birthday.  Though, it’s a nice bonus.  :)  It’s my favourite season (with early Summer a close second).  It isn’t terribly cold anymore.  You don’t necessarily need a jacket.  Nature is starting to come back to life.  You can wear capris/skirts/dresses and maybe even sandles or flip-flops.  The weather is getting better so you can be outside more.  Aaaaaaaaaah!  Love it.

I finally got to go ride my bike yesterday.  It’s was a lovely Spring day.  Not too warm, not to chilly.

On the bikepath in Manville (Lincoln), RI.


I wanted to go for another bike ride today, but had more important things to do, like laundry, so we can finish packing for our trip.  So I took a walk around the neighborhood.

A tree on our street blooming.

I thought this looked so Springtimey with the pollen on the road and the pops of fresh green colour.  It looks pretty New Englandy, too.

Down the same street as the photo above is this really pretty tree.  I pass it everyday on the drive to bring Harry to work and think “I got to get a photo of it before it doesn’t look like that anymore”.  So today I did.  The purple building behind the tree used to be a church.  It’s been a lawyer’s office since I can remember.

A close-up of the tree.

Some flowers in front of the lawyer’s office (as mentioned above).

Prospect Street in the Spring.  I was going to wait a little while to take this photo but then I thought that it might look like more of a Summer photo by the time we come back from Houston.  I wish the cars weren’t there, but I can’t do anything about that.


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