Harry and I made it Houston.  Our second flight was delayed by an hour, so we got in much later than we expected.  We had a mild amount of turbulance on the second flight, too.  The motion sick pills I had were not strong enough so while in Philly (our change over stop) I had to get Dramamine which I hate ’cause it makes me sleepy. 

So far we’ve had brunch at Sweet Tomatoes (Super yummy!! I even had grits.  :) ), saw The Beer Can House and the Art Car Museum.  The museum is not all Art Cars, which was slightly disappointing, but they did have a couple.  The Beer Can House is awesome!  I will post a video when we get home.

Tomorrow we have a cook-out with Robyn’s family.  We have a few museums we’re gonna see, too.  It’s humid but not as humid as I thought it would be.  It reminds me of July in New England.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to post again while here. 

See y’all soon!


2 thoughts on “H-Town

  1. Nicki says:

    Two things–
    Hope you guys have a lovely time!!
    I hate the Philadelphia airport SO much!!

    That is all:)

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