Texas is so Texasy!

We met Texas and its name is Dustin.  Dustin is Robyn’s brother Jared’s friend.  On monday Robyn’s parents had a cook-out/BBQ for us.  Damn good chicken! It was really nice hanging out and meeting her family.  At some point Jared asked us if we wanted to see the Igloo they made.  Now Harry and I were thinking why would someone make an actual igloo and esp. in Texas.  Jared and Dustin made a contraption that they can take with them when they go tubing.  It’s an Igloo cooler with a soundsystem and speakers.  I wish I had taken a picture of it ’cause it’s really cool (pardon the pun).  They even spraypainted the State of Texas on the cover and on the back they wrote “H-TOWN”.  Freakin’ hilarious!  It’s true that Texans are really proud of their state. 

Today we went to Olde Town Spring.  I got a mug that says “Don’t Mess With Texas”.  :) We picked up sovieners for a couple of people, too.  We were leaving the Texas store and Robyn pointed out a cross on the wall that has a symbol of Texas in the middle where the horizontal and vertical meet!  We agreed that is just wrong.

Yesterday we walked around downtown Houston and went to the Musuem of Natural Science.  We were suppose to go see the Ghangis Khan exhibit, but the museum was closing early for a function.  Instead we just did the Butterfly Exhibit.  Really cool!!  One landed on Robyn’s purse and another landed on Harry’s left hand!  They say if you want one to land on you to wear bright colours.  Harry was wearing a linen shirt and pants.  I was wearing a bright pink shirt and green skirt.  Robyn was wearing a brightly coloured dress.  Gina seemed to really enjoy it, too.  Last night we ate at The Melting Pot.  That was fun!

Tomorrow we’re going back to the Natural History Museum to check out KHAAAAAAAAAAN!  We’ll also be going the Museum of Fine Arts. 

You can be driving for an hour and still be in Houston!  It’s that big!  I will be sharing photos once we get home.


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