Texas, the Wrap-up

I’m “borrowing” this from Robyn’s LJ ’cause I’m lazy and forgetting what we did on what day.   My comments will be in italics.  I posted a photo album on Facebook.  I’ll be sharing some photos here soon.  I just need to resize ’em.


Saturday, May 2nd
…Picked them up at the airport with much joy.  Went home and had sandwiches for dinner.

Our second flight was delayed so we got in about half an hour later than expected.  We had turblance on both flights.  I discovered that the homeopathic motion sick pills only work for car rides and NOT flying on planes.  I had to by some Dranimine, which I hate.  We were greeted with “Hey Yankees!” 

Sunday, May 3rd
Went to brunch at Sweet Tomatoes.  Super delish.  Gluttony is good.  Went the Beer Can House.  Super cool.  Went to the Art Car Museum.  Uh, there are only a few art cars there.  Some peeps were there filming a segment for the Travel Channel, and they filmed us looking at art.  Very cool.  Drive by the giant lot where all the ginormous cement presidential heads are, the ridiculously-tall Beatles, etc.  Uh, we do not know all our presidents by sight.  Hey, it’s been a long time since U.S. History class, thank you very much.  There were some inappropriate/disgusting comments about Kennedy and Lincoln’s heads (*would they be whole, etc.*)  Yeah, we brought the class, lol.  >_<  Went home for a bit, then to Fuddruckers for dinner followed by HEB for groceries.

Sweet To-maa-ters was super delish!  I got a second helping of the strawberry muffins.  I also had grits for the first time in 13 years.  I forgot about the people from the Travel Channel.  It’s amazing how much you forget once you’re out of school, like which president is who.  Harry and Robyn made inappropraite comments about Kennedy and Lincoln.  Fuddrucker’s was yummers!  It looks like the kind of place you go when you’re on vacation.  We saw a Texas sized supermarket, HEB.  We saw “Red Soda” and asked about it.  Turns out it’s red coloured cream soda.  We also saw a bucket of Chitlins (you could not actually see the “food”).  Gross. 

Monday, May 4th
We whipped up a few side dishes, popped by Rao’s Bakery to purchase a cake and cookies, then went to my parents’ house for a barbeque.  Meant to go swimming but never got around to it.  They said that they can now officially said they have been to Texas because they have met Dustin.  Dustin and Jared explained tubing to them and showed us the uber-fab Igloo they made.  We spent all day over there.  Much fun.

Rao’s…how I dream of you and all your tastiness!  Robyn’s dad made really good chicken.  I never got to go swimming, but did meet Jared and his Hetro-Life Mate Dustin. :)  I really wish I had taken a photo of the Igloo.  I think Dustin and Ross would get along.  This was one of my favourite days.

Tuesday, May 5th
We were going to bring a picnic lunch, but in the process of putting it all together, we decided it would be easier to eat at home before going out.  After lunch we went to the Museum of Natural Science.  They were supposed to be open until 8 or 9, but were closing at 5 for an event.  Therefore we only had time to see some dinosaur bones and such, then did the Cockrell Butterfly Exhibit.  Amazing.  That was the best it has ever been in the times I have gone.  Tons of butterflies, all out and about.  One landed on my purse and another on Harry’s hand.  Very cool.  We took them to the End of the Universe (*i.e. the two Starbucks across the street from each other by River Oaks*).  Sarah posted the video she took on YouTube.  Gina drank most of my iced skinny caramel latte.  :\  Then we went downtown and walked around an bunch.  We were going to have dinner are Fogo de Chao, but it was packed and we had no reservation.  Whoops.  We went to The Melting Pot instead for fondue.  Yummers.

The butterflies were really cool!  I kept freakin’ out every time one came near my head.  I was parnoid about them getting in my hair.  Harry who’s wearing linen gets a butterfly to land on him, but not me or Robyn who are wearing really bright colours.  The Melting Pot was neat, but I felt a bit expensive.  Harry and I now know what it’s like to be “that table” at a resturuant with an upset kid.  Of course Gina would have a tantrum, we were there for like 3 hours.  Those seats were NOT comfortable.  If I was her, I would have been upset too. 

Wednesday, May 6th
Went to the national Museum of Funeral History, which was very cool, although some parts of it were [expectedly] creepy.  Then we went to Old Town Spring for a little shopping.  There is an awesome Asian shop there, which I want to go to again.  Yay for shopping.  :)  On the way home we stopped in Book Land, the neato little new & used bookstore near the house.  Naturally we all, even Gina, found something we wanted.  I love that place.  I cooked pasta for dinner and we had leftover cake from the barbeque for dessert.  I think this was the night we sat around reading/answering questions from my little book of questions.  Good times.

The museum was not as creepy as I was thinking it would be.  The only thing that creeped me out was the Victorian sitting room set up.  They had a manaquin dressed as a woman mourning.  Ooogy!  We saw THE ORIGINAL POPE-MOBILE.  That was cool.  Old Town Spring reminded me of parts of the Cape.  I found the next book in the Dresden series that I need at the bookstore.  Pasta was delish!  More of that delicious cake.  Yum!

Thursday, May 7th
Daniel wen tto Shipley’s and brought back a bunch of delicious donuty goodness for breakfast.  Gina was dropped off with Mom for the day.  Went back to the Museum of Natural Science to see to Genghis Khan exhibit.  KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!  Then we went to the Museum of Fine Arts to look at some art.  I still love the Corn Poppy painting, and still hate with a passion The Elder Sister.  Damn that painting fucking creeps me out.  I HATE IT!  Of course in the gift shop that creepy kid is all over the place.  (*shudder*)  Then we went to an off-shoot of the Menil Collection to see some frescos from a 13th Century Byzantine Chapel.  Very cool.  We went to pick up Gina, and then went home to eat leftover pasta.  Then we went to Rao’s for dessert, and successfully stuffed ourselves.  Then we went home and played Scotland Yard, and old boardgame that I love.

Donuts.  Uuuuuuuuuuuugh.  That’s my best Homer impression.  KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN was really neat.  We could not take photos, which bummed me out.  Yes, I did say “Khhhhhhhhhaaaan!” when we first walked into the exhibit and saw a huge statue of him.  :)  I found a new favourite painting while at the MFAH.  “The Orange Trees” by Gustave Caillebotte.  I saw another one I liked, but forgot to get the name of it.  I’ll just have Robyn look it up the next time she’s there as we both liked it.  Everyone else likes “Corn Poppy”, but I don’t care for it.  “The Elder Sister”  is interesting as her eyes follow you.  I was not as creeped out by it as Robyn, but it is a little creepy.  She reminds me of my cousin Mary.  Many art pieces that have that style of person remind me of Mary, though.  She has that classic-ness about her face.  Rao’s is awesome!  I had a “small” slice of Dobage cake.  When you see the photo you’ll see why I put small in quotes.  I have met my limit in frosting and it is that cake.  It was actually too much for me.  I also had a mini fruit tart, coffee and a chocolate dipped strawberry (which I had later on in the night while playing the boardgame).  All super delish!  I could go for a piece of the strawberry cake (we brought to the BBQ) right now.  Scotland Yard is a long game.  Almost as long as Monopoly.  It was fun, but I was getting really tired.

Friday, May 8th
Drive out to Brenham to go to the Blue Bell Ice Cream Creamery.  Took the tour then proceeded to eat a bunch of ice cream.  I kinda made myself ill, but it was worth it.  New flavors that I love:  Southern Hospitality, Blackberry (*I think*) Cobbler, and Groom’s Cake.  Holy crap, muy delisioso.  XD  Then we went to “downtown Brenham” for walking about and a little shopping.  Gina broke a teacup in a shop, but the lady was super nice about it and didn’t make us pay for it, even though we offered several times.  We did buy some stuff though, which eased my conscience.  Went home and cleaned up.  Kelly had come in from Austin about the same time we got in from Brenham, and came over.  Daniel dropped Gina off at Mom’s again.  Went to dinner at Waza, then into town for Spotlight Karaoke.  It was too packed, so when Jason arrived we went to Chachos for chitchat on the patio.  It was nice out, but as it got later, it got chillier, and I was cold.  Big shocker there.  Picked up Gina and went home to crash.

Blue Bell Creamery was neat.  It reminded me of Ben & Jerry’s.  I took lots of photos of flowers.  At the end of the tour you get free ice cream!  I had Southern (?)Blackberry Cobbler which was awesome!  Harry had Peach something.  That was yummers, too.  Harry also had some Groom’s Cake.  Brenham is so Texasy!  Well, what I think of Texasy anyway.  I found a thimble for my mom that says “Texas” on it at little shop.  Harry also found (in the same store) a copy of a bread cookbook that my mom’s had for a gajillion years, so now I have my own copy.  I wasn’t feeling too good once we got home.  I don’t know what it was.  Maybe riding in a car for so long (it took like an hour and half to get to Brenham, not to mention all the driving everyday to get anywhere) or maybe it was my aenima or blood sugar, sleeping on an air mattress, or just being hungry.  I tried napping, but could not fall asleep.  I had some tea and that seemed to have helped.  We met Kelly and went to Waza for sushi.  I had something called Beef Hot Rock.  I cooked my beef on a hot rock.  The waitress kept asking me if I wanted an “X Men”.  I told her no.  She was a really quiet talker too.  The beef was not enough for food, so I got some boiled white rice, too.  I’m glad we didn’t do karaoke.  I was not comfortable with all people and was not in the mood to get up in front of people and sing.  I could tell Harry was very uncomfortable with the people drinking, too.  Chachos nachos are insanely huge!  We got a half size and it could have fed a small village.  Harry was happy to have had some nachos.

Saturday, May 9th
Very sad day.  last of the hanging out with Harry & Sarah, then took them to the airport.  Much hugging and saying “good-bye”s.

Our first flight was delayed about half an hour ’cause they were short a flight attendant.  We had a two hour layover in Philly.  I got a $10 salad for my supper.  Everything in airports is stupidily expensive.  We arrived home about 15 minutes early.  Harry’s dad and sister picked us up.  It was nice seeing the cats and sleeping in our own bed.


It’s so weird how everything is spread out down there.  We had to drive 15-20 minutes just to go to the supermarket.  Here it takes like 5 minutes (it’s one mile away).  They have palm trees!  I did not realize that.  How did I not notice that the first time (about 7 years ago)?  Everything is very new looking too. 


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