It’s just a Studio Ghibli kind of day

A couple of fridays ago, I went for a walk and stopped by to visit my cousin Ellie. The street she’s living on is one of those really old windy narrow New England roads with the houses right on the edge of the street.


On monday we had Apple and Brie sandwiches with sparkling Lingonberry juice and tatertots .  Marianne wrote about the sandwich back in March and I’ve been wanting to try them since.  I forgot about the grilling part and they were delicious, so I can only imagine how yummy they are grilled.  I love the combo of the chutney and the apple.  This would be good w/ any kind of cheese, so if you don’t like brie, you can still enjoy it.  I think cheddar would be really nice.


I woke up insanely early a couple of mornings this past week and I don’t know why. I got to see a beautiful sunrise one morning.


I also went to the Blackstone Dam this past week to take my montly photo.  When I walking down to the water I saw a rabbit!  I’ve never seen any wildlife there, I hear birds, but never see them. 

It will be neat seeing the photo from each month next to each other once the year is done.

I’m almost done making my second Birdie Sling, but my hands are giving me issues. I just need to attach the strap and do a little top stitching and that’s it. I’m thinking of asking Harry for his help.


7 thoughts on “It’s just a Studio Ghibli kind of day

  1. Chalkhills Collective says:

    I love the sunsets shots. I’m in Scotland at the moment and the sun rises at 04:30am, unfortunately I don’t!! Like the look of the sandwich too – yum!

  2. Chalkhills Collective says:

    You’ll have noticed my deliberate mistake – I did of course mean ‘I love those sunrise shots’!!

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