Ni hao

This evening Harry and I, along with my Mom went to my brother and his girlfriend’s place for a little dinner get-together.  Jing’s parents are here from China visiting for a couple of months.  This was Harry’s and my first time meeting Mr. and Mrs. Liu.  We had a nice time, got to eat real authentic Chinese food, and got to hear Jing speak Chinese.  Her parents do not speak English, at all.  Since they’ve been here, they have learned the word “cool”.  Jing had to translate everything.  That must tiring.  I was looking out the window at one point and mentioned that the sun was out, again.  Jing and I were commenting on how weird the weather has been lately.  She then told me her dad’s impression of the weather here  “The weather is like a monkey’s face, it’s always changing.”  I really like that anology.  I asked Jing for her recipe for a celery/pork thing that was delicious!  We got to have homemade beef dumplings, too.  I took photos of her parents making the dumplings, which I will post at some point.


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