tattoo pondering

For some time (several years, now that I think about) I’ve been thinking about  redoing/changing the tattoo on my right ankle.  I could never decide what I’d change it to that would work with what is there already, my astrological sign.  The first thing I thought of was the Tree of Life.  I’ve been back and forth on that idea for years.  Always thinking “Is that really want I want?  I don’t know.”  Over the past two to three years (it was my second tattoo and got it when I was about 23) I’ve been thinking of maybe a lotus flower or an Ohm.  I’m leaning toward a lotus.  Maybe I could get something combing the two along this idea.  Maybe?  I don’t know.  The more I think about it, I’d rather just have one of those…the lotus.  I’d like it to be as realistic as possible as my other tats are symbols and I’ve always wanted a pretty artistic one.  Of course, I don’t have the money for such frivolities right now.  It’s something to ponder.  I’d love to get my first tattoo removed (don’t tell my mom I actually said that!), but it would cost waaaaaaaay more than it cost me to get it and I’d probably have some weird scaring and frankly I don’t want that, esp. there.  I’ve decided I don’t want wings covering my entire back.  As cool as I think it is, I don’t want to sit through that and don’t want to cover up my back.  I’m content with just the ankh (as much as I’d like to get fixed and perfect).


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