beret of hope

For my birthday my mom made me the Reverie beret from Knitty.  I wanted a slouchy hat for the Spring/Fall.  My original thought was with it being slouchy I can tuck my hair up into it.  Well, I don’t need to worry about that for awhile.  :)  Harry took photos of me with the hat on last week.







2 thoughts on “beret of hope

  1. missay says:

    ~Happy Berfday~

    Your Mom did a lovely job. Will that nice open knit make it more comfortable for warm weather wear? I kinda imagine it that way…

    btw, the structure behind you…
    that’s OLV, isn’t it?
    That building keeps showing up in my dreams.

    • Sarah says:

      I believe it would be more comfortable in warmer weather. It’s knit with cotton yarn, so it’s very versitile. I’ve been wearing it on and off the past couple of weeks.

      Yes, that is OLV. It takes me like 10 minutes to walk to it. When I go on
      walks around the neighborhood I go past it. Prospect Street is on of the
      prettier streets I think.

      Some other organization/religious group is in the church now.

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