Dumplings, anyone?

Here are photos from our dinner with my mom, brother, Jing and Mr. & Mrs. Liu.  Most of the photos are of Mr. & Mrs. Liu making dumplings from scratch.  They were so delicious!

She rolled out the dough while he filled each one with the meat.  The way they were working together made me think of me and Harry working together in the kitchen.

This was Chinese eggplant that had been fried, I believe.  I’d have to ask Harry if he remembers what it was.  I just know it was super yummy (and I normally don’t care for eggplant).

Harry trying the afore mentioned eggplant.

Everybody enjoying a good home cooked meal.

This was some type of Chinese “dessert”. It was a sticky rice sort of thing with something in the center that was sorta peanut tasting.  One had lycee, I don’t remember which one.  They tasted pretty much the same.

We had a really nice time and were really glad to have met Jing’s parents and have real authentic Chinese food.  Mr. Liu told Jing that he thought Harry was cool and basically the apidimy of being a man.  Needless to say Harry felt very honored to hear that.


6 thoughts on “Dumplings, anyone?

  1. missay says:

    Everything looks delicious *drools*

    and yes, Harry must have been very flattered,
    and justifiably so.
    Having someone tell you that you are all that a man should be is pretty high praise :)

    • Sarah says:

      He told the guys about it at D&D and Derrick said basically the same thing. The fact that it’s coming from an Asian man makes it even cooler, too.

  2. AnnaEA says:

    Looks delicious! I love Chinese food – my first job was in a Chinese restaurant, and the food we sent out front was your standard chinese-american crud, but the stuff the boss-lady cooked for us in the kitchen was grand.

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