Wow what day!  Farrah Fawcet passed away earlier today from cancer.  I recently saw on the news that Micheal Jackson died!  As far as I know he wasn’t even sick.  Ed McMahon died earlier in the week, too. 

In other sad related news, Harry’s laptop might be dead.  :'(  We’re hoping that Derrick can retrieve all the info on the harddrive.  I had all my photos on it.  I had not backed anything up in ages, except whatever I might have put on Photobucket.  Thank goodness for the ol’ jolopy.  It’s as slow as molasses going uphill, but it’s working.  *knock on wood*


2 thoughts on “sadness

  1. Robyn says:

    Do y’all have any idea why the lappy died? Yikes.

    With the new PC, we have everything backed up online through Dell. I can’t risk losing Gina’s baby pictures – Those are irreplacable. I also want to start buring them onto DVDs. We recently picked up a crapton on DVDs at Costco, so that is a project I need to work on.

    How old is the laptop? I didn’t think y’all had it too terribly long.

    Where are the honeymoon pictures?!?

    • Sarah says:

      Luckily, Harry had backed up everything about 5 months ago when he had to bring the lappy to get looked at. Any photos since then, have not been done, which is a lot, like anything for my Etsy shop. He put everything on dvd, which does me no good ’cause desky does not have a dvd drive. Thankfully, Derrick is able to back up the harddrive.

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