Rain, Rain Go Away

It’s raining, again.  Today we have thunder and lightning, too.  I want my sunny and warm summer!  Yesterday was perfect, sunny, warm (about 80)and with a slight breeze.  I wonder if it’s going to be like this all summer.  Mostly rain, with a nice day here and there, instead of how it usually is (the opposite).

In lappy news….All is not lost!  Derrick is able to back up the harddrive!  Harry will get the dvds on friday when he goes over for D&D.  Next thing is Harry needs to find out if the actual laptop can get fixed.  He’s mentioned “motherboard” and “powersource”.  I do not know what those things are or how fixable they are.

I’ve decided to delete the sarahmackenziephoto blog. 

I’m enjoying having the shorter hair.  I hate the bangs.  I don’t know what possessed me to agree with Harry and Heather.  I knew I didn’t want them.  Oh well.  At least they grow out, slowly, but I won’t have them forever.  I gave it about two weeks before I just could not stand it.  I just can’t stand hair touching my face and I feel claustrophobic at times with them.   I know, I’m weird.


Creme Brulee anyone?  ;)  I had Harry take this the day after I got my hair cut.


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