SPF 50, check

Big hat, check

Sarong, check

I still managed to get sunburned on the right the right side of my body and a bit pink on the forehead and nose.  And….it’s splotchy too, esp. on my right shoulder.  The day before my cousin’s engagement party where I was thinking of wearing my cute 50’sish halter dress, of course.

I see lots of aloe vera in my future.


5 thoughts on “intensions

    • Sarah says:

      I went to Scarborough w/ Damien, his sister Charlene, her kids and her boyfriend.

      It is Will; Mary, Esther, Adam and Ellie’s older brother. He and Nelly’s wedding is A WEEK before (October 4th) Derrick and Nicki’s!

  1. Robyn says:

    Yowzers – Sorry about the burn. :\

    With regards to sunscreen, anything over SPF 30 does not work any better, only slightly longer. Further, you still have to reapply frequently – As often as ever 45 minutes – if you are going to be continuously exposed. Also, your sunscreen has to protect from both UVA and UVB. SPF labeling only states the protection of UVB, as there is no specific measurement for UVA protection. (*I may have flip-flopped A and B on that, but you get the idea – SPF only measures one of them, not both*)

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