Creative Circle 1

Here are three of the photos I shared with Harry, Missie and Dixon during our first CC meeting (which was at the beginning of the month).


Bikepath at Rivers Edge Rec. on drizzly day….


Our first homemade strawberry ice cream. I really like the textures…

This was taken on a whim and it seemed that it was the favourite.  I wanted to make it B&W, but they really liked the blue tones.  While resizing, I lowered the saturation just a small bit…..


3 thoughts on “Creative Circle 1

  1. Sarah says:


    Now I feel the opposite of the last one. Everyone else loves and I don’t like it one bit. I literally looked up and pressed the shutter button. No thought process whatsoever. I don’t care for “modern art” which this reminds me of. I almost deleted. To each their own.

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