A Nice Summer Day


+ Even though the temps where in the 90’s and it was humid, it didn’t feel oppressive and as hot as we were thinking it would be.  The breeze certainly helped.

 +Breakfast at the Patriot Diner – I had French Toast with ham, Harry had a Manfast (2 eggs, lots of meat kind of thing).

– Getting an upset tummy even though I ordered French Toast.  Sometimes I really hate having a sensitive stomach.

– Due to Harry’s lack of sleep we did not go to Beavertail (I didn’t want him driving).

+Headed “down South” to Galilee.

+ A thermos full of ice water (Me: “Harry do you have your 40 of H2O?”) and a few brownies (which we didn’t eat until we got home.  Breakfast filled us both up.)

+The smell of salt air.

– Trying to sit on rocks in a flowy Summery dress.

+Sat on the rocks by Champlin’s and Salty Brine Beach and watched the boats and the Block Island ferries come and go.

+Taking photos

+ Remembering my giant straw hat.

+ Applying sunscreen before leaving.

– Forgetting to bring the sunscreen with us.

+ Not getting a bad sunburn.  We just got a little pink.

+ Walking around the main street and finding a gift for Damien.  I don’t know if it will for his birthday or Christmas.   

+ Enjoying a delicious Root Beer Float.

– Getting stuck in traffic where Rt. 4 and Rt.1 meld.  However, it wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating it to be.  Yah for a weekday and not everyone having VJ Day off!  I think it’s impossible not end up with some traffic congestion at that spot.

+ Taking a nice cool shower after being in the hot sun all day. 

+ Having a relaxing night watching Glen or Glenda.  Wow!  What a weird movie, even for Ed Wood.  What is up with that surrealist stuff thrown in the middle?  I don’t understand why Bela Lugosi is in it, but he’s always fun.

Overall, a wonderful day!  I do plan on sharing some photos at some point.


One thought on “A Nice Summer Day

  1. Miss says:

    Sounds like you guys had fun :)

    Oh man, you’d never seen Glen Or Glenda?
    Lol, yeah, it kinda starts out like, well this guy hasn’t got a lot of skill or money, but his hearts in the right place, huh? He really wants to help you understa–…oh, wait a minute…wait…what? what!?….did I accidentally eat a bunch of mushrooms off the lawn? Should I go to the hospital?”

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