Looks like Desky is on it’s last legs.  I basically check my email and hop onto Facebook and that’s about it.  I thought we’d have a new computer by now, but it hasn’t happened.  Harry was going to build one with the help of a friend, but with this one having more and more problems, we need a new one ASAP.  He found a tower with lots of power and RAM for a decent price, so it looks like we’ll get that.  Eventually we’ll get a new monitor (an Energy Star 13″ (or so) flat screen would be sweet) and speakers (the speakers have been cracklily for years now).  I’d like a new keyboard too, but it’s not really necessary.

Hopefully I’ll be able to pick some photos for the CC for sunday.


2 thoughts on “Oy

  1. Robyn says:

    Too bad we don’t live closer. I woudl have a semi-spare flat monitor to offer. But alas, I would hate to ship it. You could probably buy a new one for what it would cost me to send it to you! Pfui.

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