A fun saturday with friends

Saturday was Nicole’s Bachelorette Party.  We had lots of laughs and fun.  She knew she was having one, but didn’t know the details of what we were doing.  We went to Wojcik’s Farm in Blackstone (which is like 10 minutes down the road from where I grew up so I got to point out the house to Missie)  for the Maze of Maize in the afternoon.  After that we decorated the hotel room while Shannon brought her home to get a change of clothes for dinner/dancing and overnight stuff.  We went out to dinner at The Red Fez.  I had their Mac and Cheese which is fantastic.  Their hummus is out of this world, too!  From there we went to a club that had a Speakeasy theme with a burlesque dancer.  While it was cool, it was also weird.  The lady was doing an escape from a straight jacket while dancing.  The only way I can think of describing it is she looked like she was convulsing.  It was pretty neat seeing someone get out of a straight jacket in real life.  I’ve always wanted to see a burlesque show, so that was neat too.  After that we headed over to the Mirabar for some dancing.  While I’m not the type to go out drinking/partying/dancing, I really do prefer gay clubs.  They have better music and the chance of getting hit on by a creepy, sleezy man is slim to none.  Then it was back to the hotel for silly games (Rod Stewart is really NOT sexy and I’m so glad my friends agree!).  Overall it was super fun and I hope Nicki had as much fun as I did. 

A few fun quotes from the day….

I think a wild turkey ate a child. – Shannon

It has a lot of nuts on it, which is hard to find nowadays. – Nicki

My husband would be so proud of me. – me

There were some funny things said at night while out and back in the hotel room, but I never wrote them down.

Nicki and D’s wedding is in two weeks!  Holy moley that will be a crazy week!  On the sunday of that week Harry and I are going to my cousin Will’s wedding, Harry’s family is going on their cruise so we’re dog sitting, AND then saturday we have N & D’s wedding!

That is Penny the dog.  She rides the wagon to bring people up to the corn maze and apple picking areas.

There are three mailboxes in the corn maze.  You find each one and get your card punched to get entered into a drawing for a cash prize.  Seeing as how Nicki’s the bride, she got the honor of punching everyone’s cards.  We would ask her which way to go (left or right) at intersections.  We dubbed it “bride sense”.  Several of us said that it wasn’t directing us out of the maze but putting us in the direction of were Derrick was.  *Awww* 


The group of us at Wojcik’s


John, the inflatible man

A nice closeup of Johnny’s face.  We showed him to Harry when he came to pick me up and he said “He looks like Burt Reynolds”.  He has no parts and about 4’11” tall. 

Sunday morning while packing and cleaning up we had facials. 

Left to right – me, Amy, Nicki and Missie

Sunday morning after checking out we went to breakfast at a diner.

Left – Nicki (by the wall), Amy

Right – Missie (by the wall), Lisa, Harry


I have Bachelorette Party envy.  While I had fun at mine, it was not what I wanted and we never did any of the things I said I’d like to do.  I suggested going bowling, mini golfing and going out to dinner and a couple of other things.  We stayed at Damien’s played a boardgame and he ordered pizza.  I was telling Harry how I was a little jealous of what my friends have gotten to do vs. mine.  He asked me if I wanted him to give me Bachelorette Party Redo.  While that was very sweet of him, I can’t exactly have another one.  *sigh*  Oh well.


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