this week

What a busy month!  I’ll write about the weddings we’ve been to and some yummy Fall treats on another day.

Monday we had to bring the car to get looked at because of the brakes.  We walked home (about four miles!).  I was not in nearly as much pain as I was initially thinking I would be.  The next day we got it back.  Once we got the car back we did groceries.  On the way to bring Harry to work we heard a loud pop sound.  I thought the brakes felt the same as before it got fixed, too.  So, instead of bringing Harry to work, we went back to the garage (and Harry called in).  I’ve driven without brakes and it’s super scary.  I did not want to take any chances.  We walked over to Honey Dew, got a couple of donuts and waited until we knew his mom would be home from work to ask for a ride.  Turns out it was just some air in the line that did not get released earlier.  Later on that night we went to Whole Foods and picked up some carrot cake, Virgil’s Rootbeer and cheese. 

Happy Birthday Dad!


Wednesday we went to the nearest CVS so I could get a flu shot.  While there, Harry decided to get one too.  It was his first time.  My arm is still a little sore and there’s a pink spot at the injection site.

I decided to drive the “backway” to Greenville to do errands on wednesday in case I saw anything Fall related I’d like to photograph.  I’m glad I did.

Goodwin Bros. Farm Stand, N. Smithfield


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