a family wedding

We went to two weddings within one week at the beginning of this month.  The first was my cousin Will’s.  He and his long time girlfriend Nelly got married at the Essex Conference Center in Essex, MA.  It’s a beautiful location surrounded by woods, has a koi pond and little waterfall.  It was our first Jewish wedding ceremony.  It was very nice.  They had Klezmer band, so all the music during the reception was that style.  Very cool!  We even got to learn an Indian groom’s headdress dance!!!  OMG I was so freakin’ excited!  Some of the photos I took, and some my husband took.


Isn’t her dress beautiful?  Not to mention the flowers!

                                                  My mom, Jing, and brother Chris.

                            The man, the myth, the ‘stache!  (My uncle Tom.)

Pretty flowers on the grounds.

The “you-must-have-facial-hair-to-be-in-this-photo” photo.  From left to right: my cousin Matt, some dude in a straw cowboy hat (Adam’s roommate), my cousin Adam (brother to Will) and Harry.

                     The new Mr. & Mrs!!  (That’s my cousin Meryn clapping.)

           They had these hanging from the ceiling in the reception tent. 

                                     Just a few of my cousins and me. 

L-R: Mary holding her son, Monica, Meryn, Ellie and me.  Mary and Ellie are William’s sisters.  Meryn and Monica are sisters (and sisters to Matt in an above photo).



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