strolling through the neighbourhood on an Autumn day

Nothing quite like taking a walk on a chilly Autumn day.  My ears and face are cold, but the rest of me is warm.  I have a cup of hot tea waiting for me. 

The guy that lives in the brightly coloured teal house on Prospect Street was outside so I stopped to chat with him, while on my walk. He showed me the few Toad Lily flowers he had. Very cool looking! I should have taken a photo of it, but didn’t. Here’s an image I found on Flickr of one.  He was a very nice guy and seemed to appreciate me stopping to talk to him about his garden and house.  I told him how I love his garden and that it changes with the seasons.  I also told him how I love that he went with the fun bright and traditional Victorian colours for painting his house.  We had a discussion about how not to many people realize that the Victorians did crazy colours on their houses.  He said he has recieved hate mail because of it!  Can you imagine?!  Some people have no clue. 

Well, my tea must have fully steeped by now and I don’t want it to get too cold.

Have a nice weekend!



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