a friend wedding

Our friends Derrick and Nicki got married on October 10th.  If you’ve been paying attention, that is SEVEN DAYS after my cousin Will’s!  What a crazy week that was, between the two weddings and dog-sitting.  I’ve finally got around to editing some photos.  I am also posting a few that Harry took.

Here comes the Bride…

My view…

I don’t if you can tell, but that’s our friend Pat officating.  He is the same guy who officiated our wedding! 

That videographer was there the whole time, so I pretty much missed everything!  That kinda pissed me off.  He should have been somewhere else and less conspicuous.

The gents….

Harry got a great shot of (l-r) Matt (dark hair), Richard (aka Dickie/Dixon), Ross (glasses) and Derrick waiting around…

The ladies…

(l-r) Missie, Nicki and Amy

Harry got a classic Missie moment when getting photographed….

Sometime after our wedding, Nicki had asked me for the name of our florist.  I was so excited to find out that they went with Glimpse of Gaia!  Stephanie and Sean once again did an amazing job.

We sat with Nick and his girlfriend.  Harry and I refer to Nick as Harry’s Aquarian Accomplice.

Missie also made D and Nicki’s caketopper!

She did an amazing job as always!  I love her attention to detail such as matching the brides dress to her actual dress and making the people look like the couple.  (I apologize for the blurry photo.  I was trying not to use my flash unless it was necessary.) 

This is cake town!…



4 thoughts on “a friend wedding

    • Sarah says:

      It was a spice cake with cinnamon chocolate ganache and buttercream. Yum! I thought the dress was perfect for her. She actually ended up getting it at the same bridal store that I got mine at in Franklin!

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