Creative Circle 5

I am finally posting most of the photos from the last CC now, because Robyn has recieved her Creative Exchange gift and it was a photo!  I didn’t want to take any chances of her seeing it before hand. 

I knew right away that I wanted to do something very New Englandy for Robyn.  I thought that Autumn is pretty New Englandy and since she lives in Houston she doesn’t get the seasons like we do.  So, a Fall New Englandy photo was in order!  I took numerous photos throughout the Fall thinking “maybe this is the one”.  Nothing every came out the way I wanted it to.  I kept thinking back to last year when Harry and I went to Old Sturbridge Village.  I had taken a bunch of photos that day with Robyn in mind (for whenever).  What’s more New Englandy than OSV?  

This is down by the farmhouse at OSV….

Nick really liked the vertical one.  He actually stopped talking and said “Ooooooh!”  :)

Last but not least the one I picked for Robyn….


4 thoughts on “Creative Circle 5

  1. Robyn says:

    Oh wow! They are all so gorgeous! I absolutely love the one you gave me. It creates this feeling that I am so enamored with. The way the light hits the crates on the left is stunning. It is all around just amazing. ^_^

    I also love the verticle path one. It is spectacular. Your work is awesome!

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