Holiday Tradition

I am not Christian now, but I was raised Catholic.  We used to celebrate St. Nicholas Day by leaving a carrot out for St. Nick’s donkey (or horse depends on what version you read) and our shoes by the back door the night before (Dec.5th).  In the morning on St. Nicholas Day we’d have a box of Panda licorice and mittens in our shoes.  I only remember getting the licorice.         ^_^  I swear one year I heard hoofs clacking down the road in middle of the night! 

This year Harry and I are celebrating by having some Scandinavian pancakes sunday morning and I am baking some Speculaas cookies to share at Creative Circle.  It’s our way of caring on some of my Swedish heritage (even though the cookies are a Dutch thing) and a tradition from when I was little, but making it our own. 

Are there any holiday traditions that you do or make your own?


2 thoughts on “Holiday Tradition

    • Sarah says:

      That’s epic and scary! I have to put my wifely foot down and say that dressing like that is a no. It’s too scary. I less than three you! :)

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