I seemed to have really done a number on my hand from baking cookies, cleaning and what-not.  It’s feeling like it had when I first got the tendonitis.  I finally started working on Harry’s last gift from Christmas last year (the dice bag) last week (thursday).  Right now I’m thinking I’m not going to get it done by Christmas.  :(  Goddamn it!  I’m so upset with myself for not noticing until it was too late that my hand hurt.  It started hurting on monday.  Yeah, it’s only been two days, but it’s been two days of more numb than normal fingers and general achy/hurting.  I’m sure the fact that it snowed and rained today didn’t help matters.  I’ve been trying to rest it, but it’s hard to not use your hands.  I’ve had Harry opening jars for me.  (We need to get an electric can opener, but we don’t have the room for one.)  I helped clean off the car this afternoon and managed to do it with just my right hand.  Sunday I used both hands to clean off the car and boy did my left hand hurt after!  I really should do an ice bath for my hand but I just can’t bring myself to stick my whole lower left arm/hand into ice when it’s so cold out. 

I miss having a pay cheque and money, but not so much the actual working.  Everything I’ve looked at or thought of requires manual dexterity which I just don’t have or being able to lift at least 50 lbs (Dunkin’ requires employees to be able to lift that.  I guess that’s how much a box of frozen bagels weighs).  I’d like to able to help contribute to the household; which would then help us be able to move, get a better car, possibly buy a house (Oh how I miss having a yard!), etc.  Okay I’ll stop there.  You don’t need to hear me wallow.

In other news…I watched Away We Go tonight.  Wow!  What a great movie!  I loved it!!  Maggie Gyllenhaal is in it and I didn’t know that until she showed up.  I really like her.  She has this air of effortlessness/breeziness, ya know what I mean?  Not to mention she’s super pretty.

(M.G.’s character) LN: [to Roderick] They bought us a stroller.
Burt Farlander: What’s wrong with a stroller?
LN: I LOVE my babies. Why would I want to PUSH them away from me?

I just thought that was hilarious!  It’s a really well written and directed movie and I think y’all should see it.

I’d like to go on, but I should not have even typed this much.  See!  I did it again!  Ugh. 

Goodnight all!


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