Barbarian Gift Wrapping Ideas

This is hilarious! This is from an email Harry got from Game Stop today.  I loooove the inflatable idea!  I might have to do that some time. 

Barbarian’s Gift Wrapping Ideas (in increasing rank of effectiveness and brutality)

10. Disguise Box
Put game box in bigger box. This make little barbarians confused like bear staring at own reflection in lake. Hah, crazy bears.

9. Heavy Lifting
Toss heavy rock in box with game to add weight and confusion. “Too heavy for game. Must be rock.” Good guess, little barbarian. I fooled you.

8. Decoy Gift
Wrap game in awful holiday sweater. Barbarian get coal one year. Best gift ever, but disguised with moss. Was angry first. Now think very clever idea.

7. The Misdirect
Insert yoga DVD cover art inside plastic game cover. If little stinkers open gift early, they see woman doing “downward dog.” Joke on little stinkers.

6. Clinking Coins
Place nickels in box with game. They go crazy trying to figure out what make jingle sound. Plus when they open box, they get a game and contribution to college fund. Education and fun in one package.

5. Gift Too Thin
Wrap piece of paper with name of game on it. Gamer think it probably IOU at first, but then you hand them game and they go crazy for hugging you. Big reward for big barbarian. Hooray.

4. Ticking Package
Put inexpensive ticking wristwatch in box with games. Everybody wonder what gift is. Could be watch. Probably not bomb, right? Surprise! It games. Way more fun than other possibilities.

3. Music Box
Tape one side of musical greeting card to game. Then tape other side of card to gift box you put game in. If little barbarian shake package, the card falls opens and plays. Everyone wonder why gift sings “Silent Night.”

2. Disguise Scent
Spray box with perfume. This make gift stinky like skunk. Smell keep little barbarians off the scent for sure.

1. Inflatable Games
Put games in large plastic freezer baggie. Then blow up baggie and wrap it. Little barbarians call this UFWO, or “Unidentified Fat Wrapped Object.”

You can see the Barbarian here.


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