funny quotes

Quotes from me, Harry, Missie and other friends from various times. 

“I need to comb my face.” – Harry

“He’s got large hands.”
“You know what they about vampires with large hands.” 
“Large fangs.” – Me and Missie

“I got my 40 of English Black.”  – Harry

“A stable two parent home is not condusive to adventure, I guess.” – Missie

“The highway of my mind has soft shoulders.” – Harry

“I’m an indifference latte.” – Harry

“I think a wild turkey ate a child.” – Shannon

“It has a lot of nuts on it.  Which is hard to find nowadays.”   -Nicki

“My husband would be so proud of me.” – me

“A thousand little tongues.” – Pat

“It’s like my face is alive.” – Harry discribing the feeling of growing a beard

“Zombie King Arthur, you’re being unreasonable.” – Ross

“Oh thank you White Jesus for this bountiful braided hurkey.” – Harry

“Did you see me tottle off to go look at a groundhog?” – Harry on 2/2/08

“Slap a dress on me and girl me a girl.” – Chris in reference to how it’s concidered not manly to eat dessert or sweets in China

“It rockets up to naughty town.” – me


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