Wake me up in the Spring


My SAD has kicked in later this year than in the past.  Up until this past Autumn I have usually gotten it in Oct/Nov.  When I noticed I didn’t get it in the Fall, I just knew when it did happen that  it would be around now.  Sure enough it has happened.  I’ve felt it creeping up since around Christmas.  The weather we are having is not helping matters.  It’s been dismal, grey, bleak with a touch of rain/snow showers.  Okay, so we do not have 2 feet of snow to deal with, but I just want the whole damn season over with!  I have never looked foward to March so much in my life until now.  I just want to see some green and have some nice tempertures damnit!  I am really trying not to get depressed but it’s really hard (esp. since I’m pretty susceptible to it) and do not want to go through that again. 

Harry’s birthday is next tuesday, so I guess I can’t hibernate just yet.


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