I can’t believe it’s going to be two years

We’ve been slowly working on a scrapbook of the honeymoon.  So far we have two pages.  We have basic ideas (which photos) to use for each page, but can not continue until we get a few more pics printed.  We forgot to include a shot of Stonehenge by itself,  any of Bath Abbey,  and St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Doh!  I should have gotten a second postcard of the ceiling of St. Paul’s to include that in the scrapbook too.  Hindsight.  Anyway…so this has led me to look at wedding photos. 

I miss Harry’s chops.  They looked good that day.  Yes, he knows how I feel about chops vs. beard. 

I also can’t believe how long my hair was.  I miss having long hair and being able to braid it.  I do not miss the neck pain and having to deal with the length and heaviness.

I don’t know if you can tell how long my hair was then.  You can kinda see it in this photo.

Can I just say…….OH MY GOD!  You really can’t tell how over the top opulent Versailles is.  Photos do not do it justice.  I got so overwhelmed by all the stuff and people I had to go outside.

Well, I’ve veered off course.  What was I saying?  I don’t even know what my point was.  Oh, yeah.  Scrapbooking is fun so far.  We have so much paper and all we’ve done is two pages.  The paper is probably the best part.  Right Robyn?  :)  As a Christmas gift Harry started a scrapbook of our life together since getting married.  So, we plan on elaborating on that as time goes by.  We have some cute Christmas and Halloween paper I look forward to using.  Due to the large amount of honeymoon photos we decided to make a whole scrapbook of just that.  (He has two pages of honeymoon in the first book, but I wanted to have more, hence a separate book.)

In conclusion, scrapbooking is fun, I miss seeing Harry’s face and I kinda want to grow my hair long again, but I’m enjoying the ‘sassiness’ of this hair style.

BTW, have I ever shared any wedding or honeymoon photos with y’all?  I can’t remember.

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