Day 49

Day 49, 2/18/10
Finally went to eye doctor.

This is going to be a work in progress. I was going for a “taken in a steampunk world with a steampunk camera” sort of thing (not just sepiatone). I need to work on my Photoshop skillz.

*I just had to look up what that thing is called for tagging it. It’s called a phoropter and it’s for a refraction. All these years and I never knew, how about that.

One thought on “Day 49

  1. harrylthompsonjr says:

    I would say, think about gears and cogs.
    Think about what technology they would have: would it be tintype? Calotype? Daguerreotype? Brownies were introduced in 1900, so are you looking at something that advanced?

    I hope that helps get the ball rolling.


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