Flip-flops in early April? Hell yay!

Last night I checked the paperwork when we got Dante. My birthday will make 7 years (2003), which means we got Izzy in 2004. Dante will be 12ish and Izzy will be 6ish this year!  My Fluffenstein is getting to be an old man.  Izzy is still fairly indifferent to me, unless she’s in the mood for some Human-Momma time.  She’s still fairly skittish, too.  If there’s ever a fire, we will not be able to get her.  She disappears so quickly when the smoke alarms go off and we can’t find her (and we don’t have a big place).  Dante, however, is large and clumsy at times.  He’s easy to grab and put in the carrier.  We took video of them being super cute and adorable with a couple of boxes the other day.  I need Harry’s help to edit them.  I promise they won’t be very long.  I know watching videos of other peoples cats can be like watching home movies of someones vacation, not overly exciting for the people not involved.

Today I took a 40 minute walk!  My back can usually only handle 20 minutes (roughly 1 mile) and then it starts to really hurt. The last two walks I had were in the 30 minute range. Today is longest so far. Yes, I had to stop at Cold Spring Park for about 5 minutes to stretch/relax, but that’s ok.  I basically walked in a giant circle.  I’m pretty darn proud of myself, esp. considering I’ve been dealing with a cold or allergies since Wednesday.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful the last couple of days (in the 70’s!).  We need this so the rivers can get back down to their normal levels.  I wore flip-flops yesterday afternoon to my brother’s for Zombie Jesus  Easter International Lunch!  I don’t think I’ve ever worn flip-flops in early April. 

Plans are underway for my Bollywood Birthday Party!  I did not pick the theme, Harry did. I can’t wait to see what he does for the cake.  ^_^

I’ll be trying my hand at cold-pressed coffee this week.  I’ve been thinking of trying it for a while now, but didn’t know anyone that’s done it.  I asked Nicki about it the other day, and she said she was thinking of trying it too.  Great minds.  :)  She likes the results, so I’ll be trying it for sure.

I’ll leave with a quote from Harry this weekend.  It is a perfect description of himself: “I automatically default to handlebar mustaches and bicycles with one gigantic wheel.”


One thought on “Flip-flops in early April? Hell yay!

  1. Robyn says:

    Yay for the long walk! Ah yes, warmer temperatures are nice. I love bustin’ out my sandals. XD That Harry quote is Harry-riffic. XD <3

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