Last friday I made Peepsicles.  Harry is not a fan of Peeps, and he loved these!  Peeps, enrobed in dark chocolate and rolled in coconut, what’s not to love?   This would be a fun activity for children (under supervision of course). 

I got regular Peeps (on clearance since it was after Easter).  You do not want to use the chick style Peeps!  I tried dipping one in the chocolate just see how it held up.  What a mess!  I used Dove dark chocolate since anything with a really high cacao quality makes me sneeze. I got some of the cardboard style popsicle sticks at a craft store and they worked fine.  I ended up being able to make 12 Bunnies.

Chocolate-Covered Peepsicles

Notes from my experience:

It took 65 seconds to melt the chocolate in my microwave (900 watts).

At first I used a bowl for the coconut, but that didn’t work out.  You definitely need the flat surface of a plate.

 I found using a knife was the easiest way to cover the Peep.  I was able to control the amount of chocolate a lot better.  Plus I was able to get around and in between the ears and sides a lot easier than with the silicon scraper.


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