The Odd Couple

Sunday we are going to go see The Odd Couple at Trinity!  I’m so freakin’ excited!  Our tickets came in the end of last week.  We have to make sure we get there early enough to get a good spot ’cause we have bench seats (not assigned seating).  I love the movie, so reason stands that I’ll like the play just as much.  However, I’ve never watched the tv show. 

 As a final project for my theatre class,  we had to make scale models of a set.  I chose Barefoot in the Park.  So, you could say I like Neil Simon.  :)

 I love the restaurant scene.  First time I saw it, I turned to Harry and said “I’m Felix.  I’m always cold in restaurants.”  Wait for the 1:52 ish mark.  That’s when it gets hilarious! 


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