lazy saturday

Harry has mandatory overtime today, so I’m chillin’ at home by myself. 

It’s been cold,overcast and drizzly all day which makes one feel like not doing much.  I just watched  Paris, Je T’aime while enjoying some coffee.   I really liked how each story was only 5 minutes. My favourites were “Tour Eiffel” (Yes, it’s mimes, but that’s where we stayed), “Père-Lachaise” (never did get to the cemetery), “Faubourg Saint-Denis” and “14e arrondissement”.

Speaking of coffee.  If you have not tried Cold Press Coffee…you need to!  It’s awesome and I looooove it!  I just picked up a pound of Kind of Blue this week.  Yum!  I haven’t tried it iced, yet.  I usually get Sumatra Gayo Mountain, or maybe Wickenden Street Blend, so this is a bit of a change for me. 

I’ve been missing knitting again lately, so I decided to try to see if I could do just a little.  I cast on 10 stitches and did about 10 rows (mostly knit stitch, a few purl).  It’s something.  I probably should have cast on more, so it could eventually become a dishcloth or something.

I have not gone for a walk for three days.  My back’s been bothering me.  I probably should go anyway, might do me some good.  Looking foward to tomorrow and seeing the play.  Harry ordered my birthday cake yesterday!  I wonder what it’s going to look like? 

Ok, WordPress…where’s this surprise you told me about?  I don’t like surprises, so I’m nervous.  Is it that the publish button is bigger?  That’s the only thing I see that’s different.

ETA:  haha  Ok WordPress, that is kinda fun…..

” This post is super-awesome”


2 thoughts on “lazy saturday

  1. Chalkhills says:

    I hadn’t heard of Paris, Je T’aime – it sounds like my kind of film. I’ve just added it to my Amazon wishlist! Thanks for mentioning it.

    I hope it’s spring with you soon. We’ve had clear blue skies for the last few days – no clouds and no plane contrails due to the Volcanic Ash Cloud! I noticed the first ash on our garden furniture yesterday. Strange to think it was in a volcano in Iceland only a few days ago!

    • Sarah says:

      I just heard about the volcano the other day. ALL air traffic has been cancelled from what was said. That must have been weird seeing volcano ash on your furniture!

      Spring is being weird here, but that’s nothing new. We’ve had snow storms at the beginning of April (1999 was the last one I remember), and then years with high temps (85°F=29°C) the last week of April. Never know what it’s going to be like. I’d like to have warmer temps for next weekend. *fingers crossed*

      Hope you and DH are well! I finally took your postcard off the fridge, only because I cleaned. I was thinking about putting it back up. :)

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