This could just be the thing I need right now

Today I parked in the side lot at the library.  Not a place a normally park, but I’m glad I did.  After returning a book and heading back to the car I noticed a sign toward the back of the lot.  I walked closer so I could read the sign.  There’s a community garden hiding in the back behind a chain link fence.  I’ve never noticed it before.  I spoke to a very nice man about the garden and what they are doing.  10% of what is grown is given back to the community, specifically food banks.  I asked if they need volunteers.  He gave me a woman’s name and number to contact.  As soon as I got home I called and left a message.  It’s a full sun lot, so if I’d want to plant something that needed some shade, I’d have to also plant something tall enough to give some shade.  June will make three years since I last worked.  I’m getting antsy and moopey.  Last week Harry suggested that I could volunteer (serendipitous?) for something.  So depending on things (particularly my back and hand), I think I could do this.  The beds are slightly raised, so it wouldn’t be a lot of bending over, and they aren’t too big.


7 thoughts on “This could just be the thing I need right now

  1. returntothe80s says:

    That’s a great idea. You get a great feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment watching the vegetables grow. It’s also better to grow your own instead of going to the supermarket, and people appreciate it when you give them fresh veggies.

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