Photos from film, what a concept

Even though I’ve stopped P365, I have taken some photos…with my analog!  I’ve taken one roll and working on a second.  Once I finally get the film developed I plan to scan some of the images and share here and on FB.

On a different, but similar note, I’m working on gathering some photos together to potentially sell at a friend’s shop in Putnam, CT!  I’ll let y’all know when they are available.


4 thoughts on “Photos from film, what a concept

    • Sarah says:

      Yes it is! When I was a kid, it’s where my mom took us for chiropractic appt. Our wedding florists opened up a shop there and they are looking for local artists to sell their wares. It’s about a 45 minute drive from us.

  1. Robyn says:

    Ooh! Do they still sell old school film in drugstores? I have been wanting to pick up some B&W for years now to use with my old camera. It is actually my dad’s old camera and is proably older than me. I haven’t used it since college, probably.

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