natural facial cleanser

I’ve been dealing with acne since I was 12.  I’m now 36.  I’m sick of this.  I thought it would have gone away by my 20’s.  I’ve decided to try some natural solutions since the over the counter stuff isn’t working for me.  If it’s good for inside my body, then it must good for the outside too. 

Last thursday I started doing a Strawberry Acne Cleanser.  WOW!  In just a three days I noticed a difference.  When I asked Harry what he thought he said he can see a change, too.  We ran into one of my cousins in Target over the weekend.  She is an Esthetician (she also did my wedding makeup).  She said she could see it too.  Woo!  I feel like my face brighter and cleaner than having used the face wash that I’ve used.

For the strawberry cleanser I got the small thing of Stoneyfield plain yogurt since strawberries are in season and I have them in the fridge for my breakfast anyway.  I would suggest sticking with Stoneyfield since it is organic and this will be going on your face.

I also have done a Sugar Scrub – wetting my face and then rubbing some white sugar in circular motion and rinsing with warm water.  (It might be too much for people with sensitive skin. )  It feels like it’s really getting any dead skin off and leaving my face cleaner than with a purchased scrub.

 I want to try the oatmeal cleanser next.

Tea tree oil works to extent for me, but you need to be very careful with it.  If you ever want to use it on your face, avoid the nose, eyes and mouth (trust me).


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