I love the smell of the sea air

Cancer’s pull must super strong or something ’cause I am seriously jonesing to be near the water. I’m Taurus with rising sign Virgo and moon in Cancer.  Makes for an interesting mix at times.  I am very grounded (might explain my fear of heights?).   I guess that’s why Harry (Aquarius) and I work together so well, I keep him grounded and he allows me to float around.  :)

I’m glad I live on a coast.  I could never live in the middle of the country.  I love being able to go the water with ease, even if I can’t drive over a giant bridge. 

Today I did something I would normally not do.  I went to a small beach by myself.  Not only that, but I drove 45 min to get there. I’m trying to get out of the RI state of mind of anything over 30 minutes is too far.  I went to Conimicut Point Park in Warwick to scavenge for sea glass.  I found out about it last night when searching for the best areas in RI to look for sea glass.  While I was able to find a lot of sea glass, a majority of it I would consider not ready (too shiny and new looking).

I was thinking while driving home, since I do live in the Ocean State, I should try to get to more of the beaches/ocean venues besides Beavertail and Scarborough.  It would give me a chance to get out more, and potentially get some good photos and sea glass.


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