Dante update

The Vet called a few minutes ago.  It seems Dante has Polymyositis, without doing further testing, which of course would give us a definitive answer.  :(

Harry is at work, so when he gets home, we will have to talk about the options the Vet mentioned to me.


ETA: Isabella knows there’s something amiss, too.  She’s been weird around him.  We’ve talked on and off since Januaryish about getting another cat.  I know I want a female orange tabby kitten (it’s seriously been about 20 years, if not more, since I’ve had a kitten).  Her name will be Clementine.  When we get another one, I don’t know.  If the Fuzzy Dude needs to be on meds for the rest of his life (he’s 12ish), I would rather wait awhile.


4 thoughts on “Dante update

  1. Robyn says:

    Poor Dante. Lots of love and hugs for him.

    In my personal opinion, which you can feel free to completely disregard, if Dante will require extra care and medication for the rest of his life, you may wish to not get another cat or a kitten right now. For him, for you, for Isabella. There are lots of reasons for all parties involved, really. Or maybe just see how Dante does for a year or so with his extra care and meds. But too much at one time would be very stressful for all involved.

    But that’s just my opinion. Y’all have to do what is in your hearts. <3


  2. ~m says:

    I haven’t had time (and then yesterday, ability, as something was wrong with the wires when we hooked em back up, and it all had to be sorted out)
    to get online for a few days now, so this is the first I hear of this.

    Poor puss!! I hope he responds well to the treatment, and is feeling better soon!

    (p.s. Good thing he built up all that Disability time working at the Sombrero factory!)

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks Miss.

      The Sombrero factory burned down, so I’m not sure what he would get. He was self employeed as the Voodoo Priest (or was it a Head-Hunter?) so, he wouldn’t have anything from that. ;)

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