Dante update 2

Seems as if Dante is in the very early stages of kidney disease (which is VERY common in cats). For now we need to monitor for any odd behavior, adding more soft food to his diet and switching to filtered water only. Both cats love soft food, so they will enjoy it.

The vet is mailing some info to us. If anything happens in the next two weeks we need to bring him in. Second week of Aug. will be another blood test for his CPK levels (indicate trauma of any sort), which were super high and are now much lower, but still above normal.

So, it’s a wait and see at this point.  Some cats can live a really long time with this and not suffer, other don’t.  It all depends on how his body handles it.  We’ve also caught it early enough too.

Originally taken for P365 2008 (Day 72, 3-13)


8 thoughts on “Dante update 2

  1. Marianne says:

    I am glad to hear you have a diagnosis.

    When Sebb was diagnosed with feline diabetes I seriously thought he was going to die right away and that we would *never* be able to manage the disease, it was terrible. (This was after the vet told us he wouldn’t, I am a bit crazy!) Managing his diabetes was stressful at first, but we quickly got used to it and he was able to live to a pretty ripe old age.

    Anyway, all this is to sat that while I am sure the diagnosis is stressful, I am also sure you will manage it well and Dante will have many more happy years!


    • Sarah says:

      Thanks Marianne! I am not feeling overly sad or overwhelmed, at the moment. I had my crying bit at the beginning of the month when this all started. I feel whatever we do now diet wise could help Isabella as she gets older (she’s about 6). Knowing what “IT” is, is a relief and that it’s something I’ve heard of and knowing it is manageable helps.

      • ~m says:

        Damn that stressful job!
        And the damn the short-sighted management decision to install tequila bubblers in the brake room! Damn it to hell!

        On a serious note: I’m glad you have a diagnosis, and it’s something that can at least be managed! <3

  2. Debbie R. says:

    I’m glad Dante is doing well right now. We had one kitty who developed kidney disease at 17 y.o. Thankfully, you caught Dante’s problem early enough to treat it.

    I understand the panic moment. We went through it when my cat Katy was diagnosed 4 years ago at 10 y.o with diabetes. She is doing really well with her shot of insulin every morning.

    Give Dante a big hug from me and my kitties and dogs.

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