From what it looks like I might have a little arthritis in my spine  (L5/S1) along w/ some disc blugging which is touching the nerves (which is causing the pain down my leg). The Nurse Practitioner said it looks like I will not need surgery! I’ll be starting w/ some PT and go from there.  The doctor at the spine centre will be looking at the MRI just to double-check from what the tech wrote.  I told the NP that I am willing to do anything  (including acupuncture) and that I want to avoid surgery.  I mentioned that I do yoga and walking, also ride my bike when I can (but currently can’t do any).  She mentioned that they have a pool, so I’m hoping that I get to use it as part of my therapy.  That be so awesome!!

I get to see my MRI next week at my followup. I can’t wait!!  I hope I can get a copy of it.  If so, I will sharing it. 

In other news….

The strawberry yoghurt is definitely working.  My face broke out a little last week ’cause of PMS, but it is nowhere as bad as has been in the past.  At some point I do want to try an oatmeal wash.

We brought Dante to the vet today for blood work.  Hopefully that will be the last time for him for awhile.  We got two cans of special canned food for him.  Hopefully he will like it.


6 thoughts on “Hopeful

  1. Nicki says:

    Sounds similar to me–I have some arthritis in my back(yay, maybe one day ill get it in my face), spinal degeneration, a bulging disc sitting on the spine in a manner that made them shocked that I didn’t have sciatica down both legs(mostly just one) & a bunch of fun -itises to join the party. Good times!

    Hopefully the therapy works for you! The good thing is that the Spine Center wants to keep you out of surgery too, which is nice. They said I was a possible surgery candidate :( I can feel that I definitely need at least a couple more shots, & hopefully that does it. Or at least does it enough so I can get the pain under control & keep things maintained & at bay with exercise & acupuncture.

    The Center will also want to hold onto your MRI slides, but when you know you’re done there you can ask to have them back. Otherwise, if you ever need them again you have to pay something like $30 per slide to get copies from wherever you had your MRI. So get those slides when you’re done! Mine are currently collecting dust in a closet :)

    Is Dante acting more normal nowadays?

    • Sarah says:

      Dante is back to his old self. So weird that we have very similar things going on in our backs! Good to know about the slides. Thanks!

  2. Robyn says:

    This is good news! Yay for no surgery! PT is awesome and shoudl help you a great deal. But will you receive shots at all? Something to actually tame the inflammation? My mom was telling me over the weekend that she recently read something in the Wall Street Journal about ginger being good for reducing inflammation. However, I cannot remember if it was for Crohn’s, arthritis, or both. I need to look it up in my herbal and natural remedy books.

    And, like Nicki, my MRI slides are collecting dust in a closet of cabinet somewhere. Except mine are of my head. They’re pretty creepy looking, actually.

  3. Debbie R. says:

    I’m glad you are not looking at surgery. Here’s hoping the therapy takes care of everything. Add me to the list of people visiting the doctor for back pain. I’m still in the middle of dealing with sciatica right now. My ortho doctor appointment is next Thursday. I already know I have degenerative arthritis so I’m hoping there are no disc issues. On the good side of things, I’ve dropped 12 pounds in the last 2 weeks which should help a bit. I’m hoping for a couple more pounds this week. :)

    I’m also glad to hear Dante is doing better.

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