Point Judith

A couple of weeks I mentioned how we were going to go to Oakland Beach and Iggy’s.  After reading some reviews and getting comments on FB we decided not to go to the beach (jellyfish, dirty/trashy).  We went to Point Judith Lighthouse as suggested by our friend Derrick.  It is just down the road from the other Iggy’s site (which is right across the street from Aunt Carrie’s).  Once I decided to get  closer to the lighthouse (there’s a fence that says no trespassing, but the door was open and I saw people milling about) we had a nice day by the ocean.   I haven’t actually gone to the beach for some chilaxin’ and swimming, so hopefully we will be going monday (depends on the weather and the hurricane).

The doughboys at Iggy’s are smaller and easier to handle.   We got half a dozen with cinnamon sugar.  Yum!  I really liked them and could go for one now.  I recommend them for sure.  The cheeseburger was ok.  Harry liked his “Iggy burger” and the New England clam chowda that got put accidentally with our order. 

The Point Judith Lighthouse is closed to the public, so we could not go inside.  However, there are lovely grounds where Harry tried to fly his kite.  I wasn’t very helpful and I don’t think it was windy enough.  The beach is rocky which made me think of English beaches (not that I’ve ever seen any in real life) and the line from the song “Birdhouse in Your Soul” (There’s a picture opposite me/Of my primitive ancestry/Which stood on rocky shores and kept the beaches shipwreck free). 

Overall, we had a nice day eating fried food, watching the waves crash against the shore, attempting to look for sea glass (nadda) and inhaling that delicious sea air.


3 thoughts on “Point Judith

  1. Robyn says:

    The smell of that salty sea air is heavenly. In addition to being able to visit y’all, I want to go back just to smell that heavenly, beachy aroma… P-Town is calling me!

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